Enhance your logistics management with RFID

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RFID for logistics management:
accurate and reliable information in real time

The main feature of RFID technology is the unique identification of items, performed both from a distance and out of the line of sight. In fact, it allows staff cost reduction, logistic flux optimization and error cost elimination.

Why using RFID in logistics management?

Thanks to the use of antennas or readers it is possible to uniquely identify each object to which an RFID tag is affixed, even at a distance and inside boxes for example. In fact, it offers a solution to reduce personnel costs, optimize logistics flows and reduce the cost of errors to almost zero.

Using RFID technology, it is possible to know the exact location of the goods in the warehouse, thanks to real-time mapping, in order to have accurate and reliable information.

Simplify the logistics flow: here's how

In traditional warehouse management systems the shipping clerk records a summary list of the goods reading 1D or 2D codes, and then proceeds to load and ship them. The risk in this case is a misalignment between the loading list and the actually loaded goods.  In a RFID system smart tags are attached to each pallet, box or single item. Once the goods check in or check out, they pass through a reading portal and warehouse load and unload is recorded real time. This allows great speed-up of logistic processes and error cost elimination.

Real-time inventory thanks to RFID

Thanks to the use of handheld UHF frequency readers that allow reading even at a distance of 4-6 meters and fixed antennas, it is possible to have an inventory that is constantly updated in real time. The goods pass through gates into and out of the warehouse, automatically and immediately updating the warehouse inventory.

Having precise and punctual data is essential to be able to program orders and manage the Just in Time warehouse.

Advantages compared to the use of the Barcode

Being the functioning of barcode technology very similar to that of RFID, it is often chosen as an alternative to passive tag technology.

If on one hand RFID technology involves a larger investment than barcodes, on the other it sure offers greater benefits. Unlike the barcode, tags can also be rewritten and protected with passwords, thus making it a safer and more reliable tool.

These two technologies can still be used in combination though. On RFID tags it is in fact possible to print a barcode; combining RFID tags and barcodes allows continuous tracking if at some point of the supply chain it is not possible to use RFID, or even in the rare eventuality that the chip is damaged.

Reading skills

The barcode reader allows you to read one product code at a time, making operations such as warehouse loading, unloading and inventory long and expensive. The use of RFID in these cases allows one to read over a hundred products simultaneously.

Reading range

While the barcode reader has a reading range of a few centimeters, the RFID reader can read tags up to ten meters away.

Reading speed

Even the reading speed of the RFID readers is astonishing; it is in fact very fast (in the order of ms), unlike the barcode which is slower.

Possibility of reading through objects

Además, gracias a la RFID es posible leer las etiquetas aunque no sean visibles, por ejemplo en objetos contenidos en cajas, a diferencia del código de barras que, al ser una tecnología de identificación óptica, necesita localizar visivamente el código negro sobre blanco para leer el contenido.

Unique identification

RFID tags have a unique identification code, each object to which it is affixed becomes in fact unique and identifiable, in this way it is possible to trace it along the entire supply chain. The barcode does not offer this possibility and usually products of the same type have the same barcode.

Why choose EasyRFID

When choosing a tag provider, you need to consider many factors

Wide selection of products

A wide selection of passive tags - UHF, HF, and NFC - is available, in many different shapes and materials, each of which suitable for specific applications.

Internal production

EasyRFID's products are made entirely internally to our company: this allows for high production control and a wide personalization capacity.


The highly specialized quality control team inspects every single label roll in order to remove the non-working tags and provide 100% functional products.


Custom samples are supplied fast and ready to be tested.

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