RFID for PAYT systems

Waste management

The frontier of tracking solutions in a world that is increasingly attentive to environmental issues is waste management. EasyRFID is specialized in projects for waste management and taxation with tracking technologies.

We cooperate with waste sector leaders both as RFID tag suppiers and integrators of RFID system and labeling systems.

Most common issues

Applying the 3R scheme - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle - is key to achieve environmental goals, that would translate in a great environmental benefit and massive savings for the administrations and governments.

Notwithstanding the semplicity of this scheme, the concrete application is far more complex as administration struggle to implement an efficient waste management system. This could be due to many different causes, but the biggest mistake of all made by the administrations is the negligence in recognizing an active role in the system to the subjects that produce the waste.

In fact, waste producers are rarely included and given a key role in such waste management systems. Which is unbelievable, since they are the ones that produce the waste!

PAYT Systems

Users can be involved in the run to the environmental goals in many ways; firsty, education and information campains are fundamental and necessary, although their effect shows longterm.

The most efficient and short term solution is implementing PAYT - Pay As You Throw - systems. PAYT systems involve a variable waste tax whose amount is evaluated based on the quantity of waste that is produced; therefore, these systems allow for a fairer taxation, benefitting the honest citizens.

Every container - whether it be bags or bins - are identified, tracked and associated to citizens and companies through a tracking technology, such as QRcode, barcode and RFID. Overall, RFID technology allows to reach the highest levels of separation and the lowest levels of mixed waste production.

This results in a win-win-win situation:

  • administrations reduce the cost of management and disposal of mixed waste, while quality of separation rises;
  • citizens are empowered, have an active role in the ecological transition and save tax money. It is a true grassroot change, in which every single action has a socio-economical concrete consequence.
  • the environment says thanks.

How does this intelligent waste management work?

With RFID technology applied to waste management, small towns of under 15k people can separate up to 95% of total waste, while big cities (up to 500k people) reach the 87%. These are extremely positive numbers, much higher than european average and that show the considerable room for improvement.

Briefly, the waste management system with RFID consists in the following steps:

  • a RFID tag is applied to the bag or container and allows the object to be uniquely identified;
  • when the "smart" container is distributed, it is uniquely associated to the users - using their ID number for instance;
  • a reading system scans and detect the tag when the waste is collected, and the collection is recorded;
  • a computer system automatically manages the various phases of data association and processing.

The enormous quantity of collected data allows to analyse and improve the quality and the efficiency of the collection service, and modify it based on the results. analizzare la qualità e l’efficienza del servizio di raccolta e intervenire qualora vi sia la necessità.

EasyRFID waste management solution

EasyRFID can give full support at any stage of the waste management integration, whether it be only a few aspects - such as hardware integration, software development, and RFID tag desing and production - or the complete system.

Labeling and data management

Data management is the most difficult and delicate aspect of waste management system; the whole waste management system is based on data management: from the distribution of the containers, to the collection record, to the evaluation of the waste tax. We like to think that it is the foundation of the whole system. EasyRFID develops and integrates labeling systems for the container production line, and processes of data management for the administrations.

RFID tag

EasyRFID was born as custom RFID tag manufacturer and during the years it designed specific tags for outdoor waste bags, such as Garbage IP68 and for the outdoor bins, such as Outdoor IP68. Both these tags are IP68 and thoroughly tested in real applications.


PAYT solutions can be implemented in many different ways, but each of them does not require the operators to do any additional action; the operator can therefore work as if the collection system was plain, oldfashioned non tracked system. If the collection system is door-to-door, the reading devices could be either mobile - such as gloves, bracelets, EYMINIZ or mobile device - or fixed, such as our truck equipment solution EasyTruck. If collection is done through recycling areas and dumpsters, Smart Bin is the best solution (datasheet work in progress), as it allows the most control over separated waste.


Such a complex management system needs an adequate software to manage the data; our IDiot software allows to achieve maximum tracking control over collected data and is accessible to any actor of the system, who can retrive their own data. The citizen can even verify how much they are going to pay real time!

Why choose EasyRFID

When choosing a tag provider, you need to consider many factors

Wide selection of products

A wide selection of passive tags - UHF, HF, and NFC - is available, in many different shapes and materials, each of which suitable for specific applications.

Internal production

EasyRFID's products are made entirely internally to our company: this allows for high production control and a wide personalization capacity.


The highly specialized quality control team inspects every single label roll in order to remove the non-working tags and provide 100% functional products.


Custom samples are supplied fast and ready to be tested.