Waste management

RFID per la gestione dei rifiuti:
tariffa puntuale affidabile e certificata

We have been specializing in projects for the pay as you throw (PAYT).

We work with industry leaders in waste management, as suppliers of RFID tags and system integrators for labeling .

Why using RFID technology in waste management?

The traceability of waste with RFID tags was the one that concretely demonstrated the greatest benefits in terms of accuracy and process improvement.

An increasing number of Italian cities manage waste through radio frequency identification (RFID), obtaining an important benefit for the environment and a direct advantage for the pockets of their citizens.

In fact, in addition to significantly speeding up the collection operations compared to other systems, the RFID tags (or labels) associated with each container allow to trace the services. This type of service allows you to apply fair taxation, rewarding users who produce less waste.

gestione dei rifiuti con rfid

How does this intelligent waste management work?

RFID traceability takes place through RFID tags and RFID readers, managed by special software.

In summary, the process is this:

  • a small chip affixed to the bag or container allows the object to be uniquely identified.
  • upon delivery of the 'intelligent' object, the association with the user to whom the service is associated takes place.
  • a reading system identifies the tag when the waste is collected.
  • a computer system automatically manages the various phases of data association and processing.

Why choosing EasyRFID

When choosing a tag provider, you need to consider many factors

Wide selection of products

A wide selection of passive tags - UHF, HF, and NFC - is available, in many different shapes and materials, each of which suitable for specific applications.

Internal production

EasyRFID's products are made entirely internally to our company: this allows for high production control and a wide personalization capacity.


The highly specialized quality control team inspects every single label roll in order to remove the non-working tags and provide 100% functional products.


Custom samples are supplied fast and ready to be tested.