Special RFID tags

Outdoor / on-metal / special RFID tags

Sometimes a simple RFID tag is not enough. Whether it be tough weather, the presence of metal and liquids, or mechanical solicitations... Extreme conditions require special tags!

EasyRFID flexible tags

Our research team is specialized in the design of tags for tough applications..
Challenging requests are the best to us and the ones that allow us to learn, discover and develop innovative and new tags. The research of the perfect tag concerns every aspect of it, from the materials to the adhesives, to the shape and thickness of the label.
During the years we have identified few macrocategories of products, that could be a good starting point for the development of a custom label almost in any situation.
All of EasyRFID products are processed in roll (except for explicit requests), which allows to customize many features of the label better, such as printing and coding faster.


Hard-tags for industrial applications

RFID hard-tags are a macro-category of RFID tags, complementary to the flexible tags in roll manufactured by EasyRFID; this type of tags is used when a high mechanical resistance is required, and a rigid case for the tag safety is needed.
Hard-tags can be adhesive or fastened; furthermore, it is possible to print the hard-tags, and if needed, protect the print with epoxy.

Among the hard-tags used in industrial and extreme weather applications, four big categories could be identified:
  • on-metal: plastic and ceramic hard-tags that perform best only when applied onto metal surfaces.
  • off-metal: hard-tags that can only be applied to non-metal surfaces and that do not work otherwise.
  • omni-material: hard-tags that perform well on any type of material.
  • high-temperature: hard tag in vari materiali, in grado di supportare temperature elevate – fino a 450°C! -per tempi prolungati;




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