RFID labels

EasyRFID offers a wide range of RFID labels, made in conjunction with any type of antenna and a great choice between different materials. RFID labels can be supplied neutral, printed and / or coded.
Our Smart Labels guarantee a high degree of flexibility and customization in every aspect: available frequencies, chips, formats, sizes, materials, prints and encodings.

erichette rfid


Each use case requires a format and a specific antenna .

The products created by EasyRFID can be of various sizes and types (paper, PVC, polypropylene, etc.) and contain an antenna and a chip.

Each product can then be further customized with the encoding and printing .

Substrate materials

Over the years we have tested and produced labels of different materials: paper, plastic, fabric, PVC, rubber, cork etc. This is because some specific use cases need additional support here are a few:

  • Application on metal: requires a special tag and a suitable substrate able to isolate the chip from the shielding material on which it is affixed.
  • Running tags: they require a special support that distances the chip from the body and improve the antenna reading efficiency.
  • Eco-friendly tag: using paper as a support for the antenna, instead of plastic, it is possible to create a more ecological tag.
  • Fashion and branding: labels can be manufactured with peculiar substrates of trendy color and material such as black or cork.


Possiamo inserire i nostri tag anche in etichette autoadesive pre-fustellate, anche già stampate da terzi, rendendo “intelligenti” qualsiasi tipo di etichetta. Posizione e orientamento del tag al di sotto dell’etichetta sono personalizzabili.

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