RFID in Retail: improves the shopping experience and asset tracking

The moment of distribution is a fundamental step for commercial companies, it is here that the success of all the work done previously is determined. Using RFID in retail, concrete benefits are obtained for both the seller and the final consumer.

The important aspect in evaluating the choice of an RFID product, in the antenna and in the type of use are the long-term objectives, evaluating this aspect allows you to ensure a ROI.

La soluzione RFID che verrà realizzata risponde a una domanda specifica: quale problema voglio risolvere?

Track assets with RFID

This technology is widely used for asset tracking. An RFID tag is affixed to the product to trace and its content is read and identified by readers.

In this way it is possible to track and know the status of the warehouse in real time, minimizing the risk of loss and theft. It is possible to track the single product or a box, a pallet etc.

A single reader can scan multiple tags from over 100 meters, they can in fact be read even without being visibly identifiable, therefore even inside boxes or hidden by customized labels.

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Optimize Supply Chain Management with RFID

To have greater control of the supply chain, you can use RFID. It is in fact used to track the product from the production site to the distribution site, from the warehouse to the exit of the store.

In fact, it allows you to know the position of an object in real time and have greater control over the entire supply chain process.

RFID to reduce delivery times

Amazon, the world's largest internet company, launched the Prime service in 2005, which offered free two-day shipping on selected items, as a result many e-commerce companies had to adapt. 

Today the paid service delivers most of the products in one day and some even in a few hours with the Prime Now service. Many retailers have had to offer similar solutions in order to be competitive, by looking for methods that give the possibility to keep inventory monitored in real time and that support rapid shipping processes. RFID allows just this, with an inventory accuracy of 93-99% it is a way to minimize stock outages and have greater control of your stocks.

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Over the past few years, more and more retailers have specialized in omnichannel retail, but even today, most of them operate physical and online stores separately, each with their own inventory.

The traditional distribution center management method is not efficient enough. In order to be sure that the customer receives the goods promptly,excellent management of the warehouse of the various stores and any distribution centers is necessary. In this way, the shipment will be made from the point closest to the customer's location who will be able to receive the goods in a couple of days (or even hours). Accepting orders that you are unable to fulfill exposes you to reputational damage that can negatively affect future sales. This can be avoided thanks to accurate inventory management in the warehouse, where RFID is an indispensable tool for an accurate view of inventory across the distribution network.

Improve the user experience

In addition to the advantages the consumer benefits from indirectly, some are mainly directed at him. 

An example is Amazon Go: a store that allows you to shop and go out without even going through the checkout. The products inside are all equipped with smart labels and gates are placed at the exits that can read them. Payment is then made directly through the platform using the payment method set by the user.

Another very creative and innovative use is the one of smart mirrors, they are intelligent mirrors that are used in dressing rooms and can be used in different ways. For example, they can recognize the worn products thanks to the RFID tags affixed to them and with access to the inventory they can recommend combinations with other products or tell you if other sizes or colors are available.

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Why choose EasyRFID

When choosing a tag provider, you need to consider many factors

Wide selection of products

A wide selection of passive tags - UHF, HF, and NFC - is available, in many different shapes and materials, each of which suitable for specific applications.

Internal production

EasyRFID's products are made entirely internally to our company: this allows for high production control and a wide personalization capacity.


The highly specialized quality control team inspects every single label roll in order to remove the non-working tags and provide 100% functional products.


Custom samples are supplied fast and ready to be tested.

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