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You may not know yet, but RFID may be for you. 

trasformazione digitale

Digital transformation

Increasingly in recent decades, the Digital Transformation has changed the rules of the market, companies have had to reinvent themselves, completely transforming their models and processes.

RFID has played a fundamental role in this scenario: it has, in fact, made it possible to connect objects to complex systems, making them part of a system, thus increasing their measurability and control.


In the Internet of Things (acronym for IoT ) RFID technology is a fundamental element.

In fact, the IoT is based on 'smart objects', commonly used objects that are made 'intelligent' for multiple purposes. 

In a production plant, for example, it is possible to keep track of every single product, along every phase of the production chain, in this way it is possible to guarantee transparency to the final consumer.

To be considered intelligent, an object must be identifiable, it must therefore be associated with a unique identifier in the digital so that it can be connected to transfer and receive information.

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